History of Pennine Polocrosse Club

The club was founded in early 1996 and we’ve enjoyed great success since we first began, especially with our junior and primary junior teams throughout the years.
There were approximately 27 members to start with. Many have since left the club and some have stopped playing polocrosse altogether but they are constantly being replaced with "new blood".

Many names were put forward for the new club before we chose to be known as Pennine

Some of these included:

Holme Valley
White Rose
Pennine (yey!)
North Star
Northern Stars
Yorkshire Terriers (!!!!)
North East
Yorkshire Greys

We also had to pick out our new club colours. (If you thought some of the names were bad, hear what you could have been playing in.)

Navy/white (yey!)
Navy/light blue
Light blue/claret

In the end we opted for the navy shirts with white collars, numbers and logo that we play in today.
That’s about it for Pennine’s short history and what could have been. We hope this was a good trip down memory lane for some of you and an interesting, informative read for the rest of you!!